5 Things That Fitness Goers Are Tired Of Hearing

As I sit here writing this blog post in my brand new swanky Nike trackpants (seen below in the images) i’ve managed to get through 3 films. Yes, 3 films! Oh how I love bank holidays.

Anyway, whilst I type, pause, watch tv and gaze at my new trackies I promise i’ll try my best to stay on point….

5 things fitness goers.jpg

There are many situations when i’m often left stunned or annoyed at the constant remarks that are made referring to my ‘fitness’ lifestyle.

Now, I’m quite aware that many people don’t mean what they say nor do they realise how tedious and annoying it is to hear the same damn thing over and over again, but I can’t help but wonder if I should just walk around with a sticker on my head commenting the fact that yes, “I do eat pizza. A large one, in fact”.

nike trackies 2

I’m sure my fellow fitness girls (and guys) will agree to the following the statements and to those who are guilty of making the following statements: Don’t worry, I don’t hate you… well, most of the time I don’t 🙂

nike trackies 6.jpg

“Don’t you get bored of eating salad for every meal” 

Ok, i’m starting off with my most hated comment of all. I get this comment a lot, unfortunately and it bugs the living day lights out of me.

Living a healthy lifestyle does not mean I have salad every night for dinner or lunch. In fact, I probably have a salad once or twice a week. I find them boring and they only keep me full for an hour or two. But when I do eat a salad, boy do I jazz that shizz up!

nike trackies.jpg

“You workout too much”

Actually, I workout to a healthy degree and i’m a healthy weight, thank you very much.   But the thing is, I get this comment. I understand why people think I workout too often. I mean, when you compare yourself to somebody who doesn’t workout at all it does all add up that you workout a lot more than them. However, no way does this mean you workout too much. Na uh.

As long as you’re listening to your body, not pushing yourself too hard and fueling your body with the essential vitamins and minerals then I say you do what works for you!

nike trackies 3.jpg

“Lifting weights will make you manly. Be careful”

Annddddd I face palm myself every damn time at this comment. Lifting weights will not make women manly, unless of course you’re lifting an incredible amount of weight for hours on end and are placed on a strict diet and eating in a surplus.

Instead i’ve found that since i’ve been weight lifting I’ve been able to burn more calories whilst shaping and toning my body. Ladies, you cannot ‘tone’ your body unless you have muscle! What else are you going to tone? Fat?

nike trackies 5.jpg

“You’re actually going to eat that dessert? Like, actually eat sugar and ‘bad’ stuff?” 

I quote the word bad because personally I don’t believe that eating those kind of foods should be named as anything other than what it is – food.

But yes, I am going to eat that dessert just like a normal human being. Just because we workout and eat healthy most of the time does not mean we don’t enjoy the finer things in life. I truly believe in the 80/20 diet. I like to eat healthy throughout the week but if I’m offered a slice of cake or a doughnut I certainly won’t refuse it. It’s all about balance and making it work for you.

nike trackies 4.jpg

“I’m trying to lose weight but the scale won’t move/it goes up!!”

Did you just roll your eyes? If ya did, I feel you girl.

To this day I still find it hard to understand why people would rather go by a petty little number on a scale rather than the way they feel.

I know many people who’ve asked me this question numerous of times and after a long in-depth speech on why you shouldn’t focus on the number they still go back to it time after time.

Personally, I believe that doctors are so anal about the fact that you need to be a certain weight in comparison to your height that they’ve brain washed half of the nation along with their irrational thinking. The way I think about it is, would you rather be slightly over your BMI with a few extra pounds of lean muscle mass? Or would you rather lose 7 pounds of active muscle mass and gain 7 pounds of fat mass which basically bring’s you to 0 pounds of difference. It’s not rocket science. If at the end of the day you weigh more due to an increase of lean muscle mass and you feel great then does it really matter?

nike trackies 8.jpg

These are just a few comments I get when socialising with my friends and family who aren’t so into fitness. I try not to take it personally nor do I let it annoy me as much as I stated (yes, yes, I was joking) and that’s because I’d probably be the same if I wasn’t so much into fitness. Take it on the chin, own who you are and what you do and be damn proud of yourself. Life’s too short to worry about the opinion of others!


Wearing: All Nike from JD Sports

I have to say, i’m obsessed with my new Nike trackpants so much so, I had to whip up some photos and also spend the whole day lounging around in them. You can find the link to them here: Trackpants. 


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