7x7x7 Ab Workout

If you’ve signed up to my newsletter then you’ve probably already seen this crazy, ab burning workout. But fear not, this post will still be beneficial for you guys too!

This workout is a similar training style to my previous 7x7x7 glute workout. It has 7 reps, 7 rounds and 7 exercises. It may sound easy but trust me, by the third round you’ll be crunching half way and collapsing back on the floor. It’s a great ‘switch it up’ kind of workout which is extremely important and beneficial to progress.

7X7X7 ab workout.jpg

Every now and then it’s a good idea to switch up your routine and shock your body of what’s it used to. Your body is a clever thing and eventually it get’s used to routine. If you follow a certain training structure for too long, it can put you in a tough plateau to get out of. Also, as I said earlier, it can hinder your results and potentially stop them.

What exactly should you change?

It’s all and well of me telling you to switch up your workouts but I don’t mean just changing your usual ‘arm day’ to a ‘full body day’. No no no. When looking to change up your workout you want to change up your ‘arm day’ completely. Your sets, reps, exercises, intensity and length of workout should all be considered.

For example, my usual ab workout typically consists of 3 sets of the same rep for each exercise and this will be the same for roughly 5 ab exercises. So for me to change my ab workout to 7 exercises, 7 reps and 7 rounds is a pretty big shock to not only my system but my muscles too. They’re going to be put under a lot of tension than usual.

The research

To back up my saying so of plateaus, I came across some an interesting study by Hans Selye. He was the first person to research plateaus (which occurs in training due to homeostasis) and produced a theory known as the General Adaption Syndrome which manages do detail carefully how exactly the body responds to stress and change. This article from bodybuilding.com goes into a lot more detail of the subject.

So, every few weeks I’ll find myself switching up my workouts to something crazy – mostly high in reps and lower weights as I usually train with heavy weight and low(ish) reps. So far though, these 7x7x7 workout styles are my favourite and you are ultimately promised DOM’s for the next day. Who else sickly loves DOM’s?

Let me know if you try it! I love hearing you guy’s in pain – ha!




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