Coffee Cream Kale Smoothie

Part two of my #bounceballrecipe series continues with the most delicious kale smoothie, ever. Of which is inspired from BounceBall‘s new vegan protein ball, kale & almond.

kale smoothie.jpg

Let me begin by saying that i’m not really a smoothie kind of girl, nor am I vegetable kind of smoothie girl. Noooo, thank you.

kale smoothie 4.jpg

But last week I decided to face my fears (yes really) and come up with a smoothie that would not only change my mind, but yours too! I mean, unless a kale smoothie is packed full of fruit and other sweet goodies, it doesn’t do much for the tastebuds, right?

kale smoothie 3

I knew I wanted a kale smoothie that was not only relatively low in carbs, but moorish too. Did your girl do good? Oh she done more than good!

kale smoothie 7

The roasted flax seed and coffee option in this smoothie are really what make this smoothie. If however, you’re not a fan of coffee you can always miss it out – just make sure you keep the roasted flax seed!

kale smoothie 2.jpg


1 1/4 almond milk
2 cups kale (no stems)
1/2 small banana
1 tbsp roasted flax seed (must be roasted)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp coffee creamer or coffee granules (optional but gives the coffee flavour. I used WaldenFarms coffee creamer – zero cals, sugars and carbs!)
2 tbsp crushed almonds


Begin by roasting your flax seeds. I simply put  some foil under a griddle, with my tbsp of flax seeds and toast for 5-10 minutes under the grill.

In a blender add your milk, banana and kale and blend together. Add the vanilla, almonds and coffee option. Whiz together again. Once everything is blended together add you roasted flax seeds and pulse a few times.

Pour into your favourite smoothie glass and let your taste buds go into heaven!




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