My 2016 fitness plan

My 2016 fitness plan

If you already follow me on Instagram then you should know I’ve just started Lauren Gleisberg’s 2016 LGFitAndLean programme.

I started Lauren’s workouts roughly a year ago whilst fitting them in with my current plan I was on. However, I fully committed to Lauren last December to complete her LGFitmas plan. It was completely free, consisted of daily 30 minute workouts for the 5 day week and focused more on strength training rather than pure cardio. To me, this was perfect. I’m already quite skinny and my goal was to start focusing on increasing my muscle mass without lots of cardio.

So, the beginning of this year (4th January) I began Lauren’s LGFitAndLean programme with my fellow Instagram friends. The programme focuses and breaks down different muscle parts daily. For example, Mondays focuses on Leg & Glutes and Wednesday focuses on HIIT/Cardio & Core. The workouts last 35 minutes and are split into two separate portions. The first half is weight training and then the second half is resistance intervals to help shred body fat.  I decided to continue with Lauren’s workouts because of what I mentioned before, the increase of strength training and also because I find the workouts fly by without having to look at a timer (pet hate!). I’m also continuing because I saw results from the LGFitmas plan. Such as, increased upper body muscle and further definition in my leg/glute muscles… Amen!

Not only does Lauren provide free workouts but she also gives daily motivation, tips and challenges for you to stay committed to. These are things that have helped me stay accountable and found further interest within the whole programme. Not only are you staying healthy and fit with Lauren but she also provides a community for you to become a part of. Coming from a background with no friends/family interested in fitness or a healthy lifestyle this is something that I rely on quite heavily so I can share my interests with others. The LGCommunity (on Instagram) shares the interests, daily challenges, motivation, struggles and overall lifestyle of the LGSisters (Yes, this is what we Lauren Gleisberg fans call ourselves!). Without this community I can honestly say that I would struggle to stay accountable with my workouts as I find most of my motivation and inspiration comes from this.

So, for 2016 I plan to continue with LGFitAndLean and I’m excited to see what else is in the programme. If you’re interested in the programme check out Lauren’s website, It’s not too late to join us. Or, if you’ve already started then find me on Instagram so we can keep each other accountable.

IG: hannahandfit